If you’re like me, you love getting caught up in a thrilling chase through the dank and twisting corridors of an old factory, feeling the impact as a fist slams into bone, or relishing the nail-biting fear as some monstrous brute bangs on the door.  Now, I’m also a fan of great stories.  I love mystery, finely drawn characters, beautiful scenery, and even a healthy dose of romance.  But I believe that most any story can be improved by a dash of taut action.

Swords, Spies, and Survival was born of a desire to help spread the word that the Young Adult sections of bookstores and libraries aren’t just for tales of romance, with the odd vampire and zombie thrown in for good measure.  There are tons of great stories out there just dripping with action.  Some of it’s tinged with humor and romance, and some of it’s served straight up with a side of violence.

I review it all.  And every book review I write comes complete with my unvarnished opinion of both the story and the action.  I’ll tell you what I liked and what I didn’t.  I’ll tell you if the story swept me up or made me yawn.  And most important, I’ll tell you how much action to expect and whether it’s any good.

So whether you’re a fan of spy novels or on the look-out for the next great samurai story, whether you like your action non-stop or prefer just a touch of mayhem to round out the romance, this site is for you.