Spies & Detectives







Sure Fire  Sure Fire Jack Higgins & Justin Richards bth_3-star-rating_zps73bdba73[1] bth_35_zps7a173504[1]
spyhigh[1]  Spy High  A.J. Butcher bth_25_zps13f4f4eb[1] bth_35_zps7a173504[1]
Tripwire  Tripwire  Steve Cole & Chris Hunter bth_35_zps7a173504[1] bth_45_zps06f87659[1]
Nathan Fox  Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times  L. Brittney bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1] bth_3-star-rating_zps73bdba73[1]
007SilverFin[1]  SilverFin – Young Bond #1  Charlie Higson bth_45_zps06f87659[1] bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
Blood Fever  Blood Fever – Young Bond #2  Charlie Higson bth_45_zps06f87659[1] bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
Death Cloud  Death Cloud – Young Sherlock #1     Andrew Lane bth_5-star-rating_zps467d5332[1] bth_45_zps06f87659[1]
Rebel Fire  Rebel Fire -Young Sherlock #2  Andre Lane bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1] bth_45_zps06f87659[1]
stormbreakercover[1] Stormbreaker – Alex Rider #1 Anthony Horowitz  bth_35_zps7a173504[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 Point Blank  Point Blank – Alex Rider #2  Anthony Horowitz  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 Skeleton Key  Skeleton Key – Alex Rider #3  Anthony Horowitz  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 the-recruit[1]  The Recruit – CHERUB #1  Robert Muchamore  bth_35_zps7a173504[1]  bth_25_zps13f4f4eb[1]
The Dealer  The Dealer – CHERUB #2  Robert Muchamore bth_35_zps7a173504[1] bth_35_zps7a173504[1]
 Maximum Security  Maximum Security – CHERUB #3  Robert Muchamore  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_35_zps7a173504[1]
 Alpha Force  Alpha Force: Survival  Chris Ryan  bth_3-star-rating_zps73bdba73[1]  bth_25_zps13f4f4eb[1]
 Spy Goddess  Spy Goddess: Live and Let Shop  Michael Spradlin  bth_35_zps7a173504[1]  bth_2-star-rating-1_zps4cdc0d23[1]
 storm-the-infinity-code[1]  S.T.O.R.M. – The Infinity Code  E.L. Young  bth_35_zps7a173504[1]  bth_25_zps13f4f4eb[1]
 Steel Trapp  Steel Trapp: The Academy  Ridley Pearson  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_2-star-rating-1_zps4cdc0d23[1]
 0-545-06860-6  The Lab  Jack Heath  bth_3-star-rating_zps73bdba73[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 Long Reach  Long Reach Peter Cocks  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_5-star-rating_zps467d5332[1]
 Ripper  Ripper  Stephan Petrucha  bth_45_zps06f87659[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 The Specialists  Model Spy- The Specialists #1  Shannon Greenland  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]  bth_15_zps345ebc9e[1]
 I Hunt Killers I Hunt Killers  Barry Lyga  bth_5-star-rating_zps467d5332[1]  bth_4-star-rating_zps38e772a0[1]
 13597723  The Naturals  Jennifer Lynn Barnes  bth_45_zps06f87659[1]  bth_2-star-rating-1_zps4cdc0d23[1]
 15715844  How to Lead a Life of Crime Kirsten Miller   bth_45_zps06f87659[1]  bth_3-star-rating_zps73bdba73[1]