Bullet Boys

Author: Ally Kennen Publication: 2012, Marion Lloyd Books Pages: 320 Overall Rating:                         Rating for Action: Quantity of Action: Age Category: 13+ Brief Summary: Alex grew up on the moor with his dad, who works as a gamekeeper for a rich hunter from the […]

Traitor: Boy Soldier #1

Author: Andy McNab and Robert Rigby Note: Andy McNab uses a number of British words and slang in his writing, so here’s a brief glossary to help clear up any possible confusion you may have. Publication: Corgi Books, 2005 Pages: 329 Overall Rating:                         […]


Note:  Steve Cole makes use of a lot of slang and British terminology in this book.  To help make it less confusing I’ve compiled a glossary of British words and slang. Author: Steve Cole and Chris Hunter Publication: Corgi Books, 2010 Pages: 256 Overall Rating:                         Rating for Action: Quantity of Action: Quantity of Action: High […]